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We're going to be moving in the next month or so and I was curious about how flexible D* is with the mover's connection program. I hopefully will finally get my Man Cave, and with it a new TV. We currently have three receivers--will D* typically give me a good deal on another HD DVR as part of the mover's connection? At the very least will they run the extra (4th) connection for no additional charge?

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Movers Connection can often offer much better deals than front line CSRs and sometimes even better than Reterntions. You should be able to get another HD-DVR for only shipping costs (that's what happened to me). Unless they have to fish the walls, or some other complicated install problem, you should get all connections free.

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dan8379 said:
At the very least will they run the extra (4th) connection for no additional charge?
DirecTV will install the proper dish and lines for the receivers on your account ONLY. DirecTV does NOT install additional lines or equipment "for future expansion". You could pay the installer to do this on the side, but it won't be covered by the MC.

Basic rules for the MC:

- ALL of your TVs, receivers (with access cards), remotes, and power/AV cables must be onsite and setup when the tech arrives. The first thing the tech will do is verify that all the receivers are there and that they are all on your account. If everything isn't ready, your install will be rescheduled.

- Install only covers what's on the work order.

- Power must be on.

- Make sure the phone numbers on your account will reach you at your new home. Most techs are only given the PRIMARY number on the account.

- Don't schedule your MC for the same day you are moving; that is almost guarenteed to result in a reschedule. Schedule for 2-3 days after move-in, so everything is there, and the wife is happy with the location of the furniture.

- If you care about how the install is done, be home for it. Don't let the disinterested spouse be there in your place.
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