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Movers Connection question

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I currently have an MRV/SWM setup and may be moving.

I assume if I use the Movers Connection program they will setup the same in the new house with no charges for the SWM gear. Is that correct?

I know that I could be charged for any extra wire pulls, etc.

How much does that typically run?

The new house is wired with COAX and I assume DTV can just use the existing wiring (I hope).

I also plan on using cable for Internet access and need to be able to split out that one cable from the DTV install.

Am I missing anything?


I am a long-time/good standing customer if that comes into play.
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As long as the cable runs in the new house are homeruns, you shouldn't have an issue. With regard to Cable Internet, you just need to make sure that one coax is not used by the DirecTV installer. If you currently have SWM/MRV, you will get that at the new house for no cost with Mover's Connection.

As mentioned though, if you have any wall-fishing done, there will be a charge.

- Merg
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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