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Movers connection

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I'm going to be moving in about 4 weeks to a single family home that was pre-wired for satellite. Its got a great view of the sky. I'm planning on using movers connection for the dish installation.

I was reading DirecTV.com and see that I can leave my old dish at the old address. Will DirecTV want to re-use the SWM LNB at the new address? Will they supply a new Slimline and mount?

Does my contact extend? I still have about 14 months left as of right now.

Any other things to know?
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Just bring your receivers. That's all you need. The installer will provide a new dish. I don't believe it extends your contract but I'm not 100% certain. They will charge you a $20 shipping and handling fee though but that's it.
i just moved and used Movers Connection. all i had to do was bring my receivers, i'm out of contract and they did not extend me at all. still can cancel at any time. they also didn't charge me that $19.95 fee but know that some people will have to pay it. they did mess up a few things that i had to get corrected but i'm pretty happy now.
So there is no re-use of the LNB and no contact extension but there is a $19.99 fee.
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