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moving my Antenna and a caller ID issue with 2 receivers

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long story short. I am moving my antenna (slimline) to a bigger and more stable pole. I keep loosing my signals in the freeze thaw and in big wind storms. over time I keep dropping out certain satellites to. So besides SWM/119/110 what are the other ones I need and how strong a signal should I expect from them? I live in the northeast outside of Buffalo. Also has any one ever seen a software patch for the hr24/700 or hr24/500 that fixes the caller ID? I can go for maybe 5 or 6 days and then the ID quits working and need to do a restart or reboot to fix the ID. It is kind of a drag to have this happen. I have had the units for a year and a half and they have been doing it since almost the very beginning. The phone line works fine I have a phone on that same line that has caller Id in the head set and that never quits. I do have DSL and to have a filter installed I even tired 2 filter in series same thing. I think the software is just unstable on these things? :(
As always thanks in advance!
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