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Moving Recommendations

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I will be moving in August and am a bit out of the loop on the latest DTV hardware offerings. I currently have a HR21-700 & HR22-100 all connected via a SWM to my dish.

When I move I would prefer to have 3 - 4 total TVs (All HD) rather than the two I currently have.

I am looking for some guidance as to what I should look for in terms of equipment and costs.

Should I request a HMC or are my two HD DVRs sufficient? What could I expect for costs on additional HD boxes (for the 3rd & 4th TV). What if I wanted to add a 5th TV in the future?

Thanks for your advice.

BTW - I have been a DTV customer for 11 years if that makes any changes on what they may offer.

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I'm moving very soon and called D. I want to go from single HR20 (I use OTA tuner) on basic HD package to HR20 + another HD receive connected to HR20 via Whole Home DVR. They said upfront cost would be $0 plus additional $9 monthly and get 3 months ShowTime free. I'm thinking I could do much better starting over with Dish, UVerse, or even TimeWarner.

What is the best I should expect to get in my situation? How do I go about getting it? :)
Well, getting the whole home upgrade for free is pretty darned good (it involves more than just the additional receiver and most pay $199 for it). You can't beat zero. The recurring cost is $6 for the additional receiver and $3 for MRV/whole-home. That is the standard pricing.
Best thing is to call and see what offers are available to you
It seems you should be getting the WHDVR upgrade for free, along with 3 months of free premiums and the NFLST.

Also it appears this offer is good until 07-18-12

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