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This service allows you to store your music on their server so that you don't have to use your PC or a NAS to store/access your music.

I note they have a setup for allowing the TiVo to access their MP3tunes locker:

I don't see a way for my HR20-100 to allow the selection of a mediaserver only my PC that I have setup.

So, DirecTv, can you do this?

I also have a Denon AVR that the HR20 connects to and the Denon won't access the sever either.

I could spend $150 and purchase the Squeezebox Receiver and connect it to the Denon and then access the MP3tunes locker.

Just curious if the DirecTv HR series software could be modified to allow this.....then I could turn off the PC more!
Perhaps I would need a different DirecTV unit?
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