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MPEG-4 switchover problem

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Last thursday (7/31/08), D* switched several HD channels from the MPEG-2 format to the MPEG-4 format. Ever since, those channels don't work on all of my HD receivers. The SD versions of those channels work just fine. After reading earlier today about the MPEG-2 versions still being broadcast on Channels 70-99, I checked out those channels. In every case, the MPEG-2 versions work perfectly. I scheduled a service call to get the problem fixed, and they came out this morning. After a full day of effort, no one at the company that came out knows what is wrong. My case was the first they heard of the problem, but by the time the tech left the first time, 3 or 4 customers in my area called to report the exact same problem. The tech replaced my dish, fixed any questionable cables, tested signal strength more times than I can count, and replaced one of my HR-20's with a brand new (not refurb) HR-21. Nothing seems to help. While the tech was re-booting my receivers for the 8th or 9th time, I jumped onto DBSTalk, did a quick search, and found several posts about the MPEG switchover. When I pointed it out to the tech, he knew nothing about the switchover, and was at a loss to explain why it would cause the channels to malfunction. He verified that every bit of my setup, from dish to receivers, was MPEG-4 compliant. After 2 hours of frustration, he left, promising that someone would be back out later today. Around 4pm, two techs, including the owner of the local company, came out to try some more possible fixes. While they worked, they told me that they are having the same problem with all their HD receivers, both at their homes and in their office. They left after 15-20 minutes, no closer to figuring out what has happened.

Has anyone on the boards had this problem? If so, has it been fixed? I have a strong feeling that the problem resides within the programming code written for either the MPEG-4 setup, or the switchover from last week. Also, if I can find an answer before they do, I'm hoping for a consulting fee. :D

Seriously, I really need to see this problem fixed before Friday evening. I don't want to have to watch the Summer Olympics in SD. Since 1998, I have been a subscriber to cable TV (Charter), Dish Network, and DirecTV. Cable, even in 2008, has a horribly grainy picture on any non-HD channel. Dish was adequate at the time, but customer service and equipment quality were always sorely lacking. I signed up with DirecTV in 2002, and have had over 6 years of excellent service. Maybe I've just been lucky, but I have always received prompt, enthusiastic service from whoever answered the phone at 1-800-DIRECTV. Their HD is head and shoulders above their competitors, and picture quality has consistently beat Dish and pummelled Cable. Switching is not an option, and I will watch SD broadcasts if necessary. I'm just hoping that it isn't necessary for very long.

Thanks in advance for any info that might help me.

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Can you post your transponder readings for the 103c and 99c sats?

Are you getting 771 messages?
Just black video on MPEG4 channels?

And what dish do you have? Multiswitch?
And please verify there are BBC's in line with the HR20's/HR21's
What do you get if you change to Channel 480 & 481? How about 482 & 483?
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