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MPEG2 -> MPEG4 Transition Discussion: ESPN2-HD

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This is the discussion thread for ESPN2-HD's MPEG-4 transition. Please log all issues, indulge in gleeful exhortations, and give your suggestions!
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Please commence discussing!
So far, 209 is a black screen.
Still a black screen
Still a black screen
I'm also still getting a blank screen.
209,206,501, and 537 are all blank. what's the deal?
We're live, but the audio is not sync'd with the video. :(
ESPN2HD looking good here & did not not notice audio sync probs
ESPN2 clean as a whistle here this morning - thanks D11 - great MPEG4 HD. :)
Oops. Just went black. 72 is still on. As is 206.

Then a test pattern then a mess. Then black.

Nothing ever goes perfectly....

And finally back again....and the audio synch looks better..was just slightly off.
First live event coming up.....USA basketball. Too bad it is not HD.
Looks like the new mpeg4 channels have one more character in the station label. ES2HD is on 72 but ESN2HD is 209. Same with Showtime... SHOHD is on 537 with SHOH on 71...
HUGE difference. The studio shots always looked fuzzy; now they're clear. The announcer's head was blocky and blurry on MPEG2, but actually looked human on MPEG4.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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