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MPT - DC Metro area 4th of July

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Will the broadcast, 4th of July celebration on the Capital lawn, on channel 22 be in HD. I had Cox last year and don't remember if it was or wasn't. We are planning to go if it doesn't rain. Been there, done that and it wasn't fun.
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tonyd79 said:
What about WETA? Don't they do HD a bit more reliably?
WETA does do HD pretty well, when I still had an OTA receiver. They produce a good chunk of their own content. In fact, I think WETA is the actual producer for "A Capitol Fourth." My issue with WETA is that their guide data is TERRIBLE! There is a major disconnect between WETA and Tribune Media Services. None of the other PBS stations in the WashDC metro area have this issue.

But, I rant and it's off topic, so I apologize. Just had to get that off my chest.
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