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MRV problems after HD GUI update

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I have been having some issues with MRV since the HD GUI update. I have several freeze-ups when I am watching a program that has been recorded in another room. It usually locks-up for about 15 seconds. Sometimes it will freeze for several seconds and then say that the other receiver has been disconnected. I have reset the receivers numerous times and have reset my network. I had no problems before the update. I have an HR 21-700 in my bedroom and an HR 24-500 in my living room. The bedroom receiver has an external DECA. I wonder if this could be going bad?

Thanks for any help.
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A couple of things to look at/check:
Are there three green LEDs on the external DECA?
Do you have any errors when you run a system test on the HR24?
On the HR24, you can run [a more detailed] coax network testings from the front panel.
Press guide and the right arrow [both] and [it may take more than once to get it] you'll see a screen with coax to the left. Select it and the first test will show all the DECA nodes, and the loss to each. Then select Phy Mesh and this test will show the quality of the signal between each node.
obladi6703 said:
The Coax Network Stats Info screen reads as follows:

Node Ids Friendly Names MAC Address Phy Levels
0 Living Room (lists address) N/A
1 Node-000B6BFC15A0 (lists address) 23
2 Node-000B6BFB7C64 (lists address) 36

The Phy Rate Mesh screen reads as follows:

Nds 0 1 2 (on to 15)
0 244 248 247
1 251 246 246
2 246 245 244

(on to 15) (all other listings are 0s)

I am really not sure what any of this means.
What it means is the loss between the living room receiver and the other two is within range, so the Mesh rates are also good.
IOW the coax networking is fine.
obladi6703 said:
Any idea what could be causing the freeze-ups if the coax network looks good?
Are both your HR21-700 and HR24-500 doing this, or is it just going one direction?
What does your HR24 show in the system info screen under networking?
Does it show "coax connected"?
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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