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MRV problems after HD GUI update

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I have been having some issues with MRV since the HD GUI update. I have several freeze-ups when I am watching a program that has been recorded in another room. It usually locks-up for about 15 seconds. Sometimes it will freeze for several seconds and then say that the other receiver has been disconnected. I have reset the receivers numerous times and have reset my network. I had no problems before the update. I have an HR 21-700 in my bedroom and an HR 24-500 in my living room. The bedroom receiver has an external DECA. I wonder if this could be going bad?

Thanks for any help.
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Thanks for the response. Will test it out when I get home.
The Coax Network Stats Info screen reads as follows:

Node Ids Friendly Names MAC Address Phy Levels
0 Living Room (lists address) N/A
1 Node-000B6BFC15A0 (lists address) 23
2 Node-000B6BFB7C64 (lists address) 36

The Phy Rate Mesh screen reads as follows:

Nds 0 1 2 (on to 15)
0 244 248 247
1 251 246 246
2 246 245 244

(on to 15) (all other listings are 0s)

I am really not sure what any of this means.
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Any idea what could be causing the freeze-ups if the coax network looks good?
Both receivers are freezing-up. It says coax connected. I am going to get behind my TVs this weekend and make sure everything is tightened up and hooked up properly.

My wife and I have a newborn in the home so it's tough finding time to troubleshoot. Thanks for taking time to help.
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