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MTV HD actually has HD on!

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Looks like the Video Music Awards is in HD. Is this the first ever HD on this channel?
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I had it on while surifing the web and didnt even realize it was in HD, just assumed it was 4X3. Looked up and thought, wow, it's in HD! Looks great!!
Damn you guys made me stop and look.
I do believe this is the first actual HD program on this channel

It's about freaking time :lol:

Too bad it's not in DD 5.1, though
Would have never known this if not for this thread. I gave up on MTV a long time ago. The HD looks nice. Some moderate pixelation though, for me at least.
With all the excitement in our house surrounding the first weekend of NFL football, I totally forgot until now that tonight was the VMAs. It looks great to me; hopefully it's the start of at least some programming being shown in HD on this channel. I'm not a big fan of this smaller crowd, shorter show format that they moved to last year, though. It looks like the show is being held in a warehouse and I'm quite certain Russell Brand is going to be put in the "Andrew Dice Clay file" when this show is finished.

On a side note, if you turn it to VH1, they're running a "Live VMA peek" that says, "Why aren't you watching the VMAs on MTV? We are. Love, VH1." and gives little glimpses of what's happening on the show then loops back to the note.
Wow, never thought I'd see actual HD content on MTV. Look very good.
^ yupp im saying the same... it was cool seeing something finally in HD...! and the fact that it was only available on D* made it 3x better!
ahhh s!!! looks like the re run is back to mtv same old bs 4:3 f!!!
i should have recorded the first run... this is bs...
They had to have 16:9 to show all of moron Russell Brand's hair. He is absolutely the most pointless person I've seen host the VMAs.
Now this makes no sense to me if they can run it in HD the first time, why can't they just keep running it in HD for all the replays...i was at work and hoping i could see it in HD during a rerun.
yea me too i didn't even know it was in HD. i originally recorded the SD version off MTV2, but then once the WWE PPV was over i flipped over to MTV HD and was blown away... then i waited for the re run to start... and was disappointed.
The cat is out of the bag...now we know they CAN broadcast in HD, they are just holding back on broadcasting their content in HD (that is produced in HD as much of it shows up on MHD/Palladia in HD....)
WTF! We should have recorded the first showing! Is there any reasonable reason to down-convert the re-run?
I also forgot about the VMA's. So i wait to watch the replay only to find it was not shown in HD. I missed Katy Perry in HD. :mad:
I still say the last HD holdout among "HD stations" will be CBSC-HD, which, on its best days, looks like stretched video from the 70's.
i would deal with it being in SD if it would have been a good show this year, worst ever if you ask me
So I guess I'm mistaken in thinking I've seen a movie awards in HD? Maybe it was a replay on MHD.

Anyway, I was very surprised to see it in HD. I think it looked great. Now lets see some Hills and Real World in HD!
The next rumor is that they're going to start playing music videos, again.
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