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Multi-Switch Help

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We are going to have to install a 3rd Direct TV receiver in the house due to my wife's mother moving in. I currently have 2 Direct DVR + attached with both tuners hooked up to each. I will need a Multi-Switch for this 3rd receiver. I have an old DishNetwork 64 Switch and wondered if that would work....if not what do I need to look for and where can I get the best price for it?
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solidsignal has the WB68 for about 40$..
Bill Broderick said:
Are any of your receivers HD?
No, both are standard.
Check ebay for 4x8 or 5x8 powered DirecTV multiswitches. They are quickly growing obsolete, so you should be able to get one cheap. Make sure you get the power supply with it!
BTW. My direct dish has 3 LNB's that are fed by 4 connections in the back....all 4 are used by the 2 DVR's.
You can always try to find a SAM 6802. None of the mess of getting power to it.
You need a 4x8 or 5x8 multiswitch at a best price. Just post your location (something a little more precise than east coast) because I'll bet there are hundreds of people on this forum who have them in an old box and will just give it to you if you pick it up.
I think I have one of THESE Trunklines at home. I won't be home until probably Thursday night, but if you want, I can make sure I still have it and the power supply when I get back and I can ship it to your for pretty cheap ($20?) on Saturday.

Send me a PM if interested.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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