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Its an old news release but I was wondering if any other Techs working in SW's region (primarily Houston) were aware of this. We were told on Friday to not have any of our vans serviced until AUgust 1st.

Also, Multiband had previously acquired Michigan Microtech from Directech. I was wondering if any of the Michigan techs noticed a change in their day - to - day operations.

Everyone complains of how most HSPs work, but I know that our local office in EastTX was profitable and efficient. I wonder if the acquisition will help or hinder the day- to day stuff.


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We saw no change when they took over Bluegrass.

Still have poor pay.
Still running out of equipment.
Still working 6 on 1 off.
Still have horrendous employee turnover.



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Actually, Multiband has all of Directech.

We also heard Thursday not to have ours vans serviced.


Things have gotten worse here, although it might have happened without the sale of the company. Our company has now gone from: 'just do whatever you need to do to get the job done' and is now: 'only do what you need to do to get the job done.'

The equipment is getting sparse. This week's examples: we each got 1 HDDVR, 2 HD, and 3 DVR receivers. I got mine on Thursday, and only have 1 DVR left. If I need anymore equipment, I have to 'find' it, which means delaying my day by almost an hour. Here's the big one, our warehouse is out of BBCs. So if you get a R22 in these parts it is likely that you will not get the BBCs installed.

Our fuel is being tracked such that if an employee were to run under a mpg limit (10 mpg here) they will have their van taken away and must use their own vehicle. These vans that get taken this way get parked and are not re-assigned.

We have a 5 day work week up here, apparently only two warehouses do this.

As far as turnover goes, they are trying to find a few suckers for our north-east counties. I think we have 15 or so counties that we cover with only 11 techs that live in these counties.

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