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Multiple CDs -> one DVD

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Is it possable to burn the files from 7 prebought CD-ROMs (that are one program) on to one DVD-R and have it work correctly? I use The Print Shop 11 Deluxe Edition quite a bit and its a big PITA to have to switch around CDs everytime I wanna insert a new graphic. Print Shop comes with seven CDs: An install cd, program cd, and 5 art cds with contain the half a million or whatever graphics. I find my Self using MS Publisher more and more as need no CD's but the graphic selection is nowhere near as great using clip art. Thanks for any insight!
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This sounds very interesting. This reminds me of compressing cd .wav to .mp3 files to play on mp3 players and to take up much less space.
There is no reason why that wouldn't work in your case Steve.
Great! You know at the time I would have been willing to pay an extra $15-$20 just to get this software on DVD, Mattel never thought of that. I would also like MS Encarta as my reference suite, but the full featured deluxe edition is spanned across several CDs. I might get that one day, 2002 is almost over I might as well wait for the 2003 edition. I'm still using Compton's Encyclopedia Deluxe 1999, Which cost all of $5 after rebate at walmart. Now I just got to find some one with a DVD-RW drive in their PC :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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