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Multiple UHF Remotes in Single Mode

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I want to have multiple UHF remotes controlling the same receiver in Single Mode.

I've got the receiver downstairs in the Media Cabinet, and it feeds several TV's throughout the house (upstairs bedroom, kitchen, kids room...) via the coax output.

Right now we have a (single) UHF remote for it that we use from any of those locations. What I want to do is have essentially 3 of the same UHF remote in 3 separate places so we don't have to keep carrying the same one around.

I know we could run into "dueling remotes", however we almost never use more than one of those TV's at the same time, and the fam knows that all those TV's are fed by the same receiver (shared viewing).

I've read enough "remote problems" and "TV1 with UHF" posts to make my head spin, but didn't come across this specific question.

Any help guys?
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I would think you could just have three remotest set to the same remote address and it should work. The caveat would be that you might get the conditions where two use it at the same time and annoy each other. But I think that would work.
I did this. I picked up a 1/2 dozen remotes off eBay for about $25. We sometimes end up where someone tries to turn the channel when someone else is using the 622. We also have a 625 set up the same way, so it is really just a matter of them changing the channel on the TV and picking up the other remote.
I would think you could just have three remotest set to the same remote address and it should work
I love it when the solution is so simple that I should have already known it.

And by love it, I mean hate it :)

Thanks for the quick reply Ron, worked perfectly!
I run two RF's with the same channel (no issues that I can recall)
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