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Multiswitch to Combine 5 LNB with Off-Air?

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Has anyone found a multiswitch that will combine the HD signal from a 5 LNB dish with the signal from an off-air antenna to allow both to be delivered by one coaxial cable to an H20 receiver and then split to be connected to the satellite and off-air inputs?
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Just run the Standard Zinwell 6x8 out , then the BBC, then a diplexor (with the antenna feed), then the cable run, then diplex out
If you have 4, or fewer, IRDs then you don't need a multiswitch. There are 4 outputs on the dish.

But you must diplex AFTER the BBC, as stated above.



With the OTA antenna feeding into the first diplexer, and split back out of the second.

Note: This is not approved by D*. Diplex at your own risk (and pleasure!) :)
or.... you can use a SWM. it is not supported by directv, but it does work
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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