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Looking for a free music app recommendation for Android. I DON'T want to sync with my computer or anything like that. I do NOT use itunes on my computer at all. All of my music is contained on my Micro SD card. I need to ability to make playlists (Allowing me to Select All files and Remove All Files would be great), and it shouldn't have any problem playing .wma files. .opus support would be great too!
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The stock music player I have wants to create a playlist in a VERY time consuming way. It only seems to allow me to add a song to the playlist after I've started playing it. What I'd really like is check boxes next to each song title to either include or exclude it from a playlist.
Edit:I just checked with Motorola-this IS the ONLY way to add songs to a playlist. I have 982 songs I want to add to a playlist. The Droid 5 would be out before I finished lol
So again, I need an app that allows me to create a playlist from a batch of files. Even better would be if I could say "Make ALL songs in 'Folder A' into a playlist. Make ALL songs in 'Folder B' into a second playlist."
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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