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Boy is this some wild guessing :)

1. Houston Texans QB David Carr (Franchise QB, Next)

2. Carolina Panthers DE Julius Peppers (Stud DE. Will be awesome from day 1)

3. Detroit Lions CB Quentin Jammer (The drafts hottest commodity)

4. Buffalo Bills SS Roy Williams (will fit geat with their Defenive sheme)

5. San Diego Chargers OT Mike Williams (Marty Ball begins with the big boys)

6. Dallas Cowboys CB Phillip Buchanon ( Cowboys need a matchup CB with some skills..Here is one.)

7. Minnesota Vikings OT Bryant McKinnie (Will be the anchor of an improved line)

8. Kansas City Chiefs DT Ryan Sims (Not a safer, more solid selection then Sims)

9. Jacksonville Jaguars DT John Henderson (A real find here for the Jags to help retool the D-Line)

10. Cincinatti Bengels QB Joey Harrington (get a stud QB. He may not start from day 1 but he will soon. I love Akili but they can't pass on Harrington)

11. Indianapolis Colts DT Wendell Bryant (Dungy gets a stud DT to build around)

12. Arizona Cardinals DE Charles Grant (Minor Reach but will be a good pass rusher)

13. New Orleans Saints DE Kalimba Edwards (The Saints need a good young DE after losing Johnson)

14. Tennessee Titans DT Albert Haynesworth (how he fell this far is amazzing)

15. New York Giants TE Jeremy Shockey (The drafts best TE is a Giant. A rare talent at TE.)

16. Cleveland Browns RB William Green (Obvious Here, will be a stud. I think he could help make the Browns a playoff team)

17. Atlanta Falcons WR Donte Stallworth( WOW...He fell all the way to 17 and Vick loves it)

18. Washington Redskins WR Jabar Gaffney (Spurrier loves him. Maybe A QB in round 2?)

19. Denver Broncos OT Mike Pearson (Broncos really like him as a starting OT)

20. Seattle Seahawks TE Daniel Graham ( A good TE that will upgreade the pasiing game)

21. Oakland Raiders LB Napoloeon Harris( an obvious fit here)

22. New York Jets FS Ed Reed( They decide at the last second they want him over Sheppard. They Get Triplett and Jefferson/Roosevelt Williams Next to fill holes)

23. Oakland Raiders WR Ashley Lelie (Everyone else passed on him but the Raide get a steal)

24. Baltimore Ravens OT Levi Jones (Redman and Lewis need protection)

25. New Orleans Saints OG Toniu Fonoti (Saints get a great young OG)

26. Philadelphia Eagles OG Andre Gurode (Will bolter the line)

27. San Francisco 49ers CB Mike Rumph (49ers like ts big physical CB.)

28. Green Bay Packers DT Anthony Weaver (Fits a need for the Pack)

29. Chicago Bears DE/LB Dwight Freeney (adds alot of speed for the Pass Rush)

30. Pittsburgh Steelers FS Lamont Thompson(a darkhorse that has all the intangibles)

31. St. Louis Rams WR Josh Reed (Fills Hakim void plus maybe more???)

32. New England Patriots- Clinton Portis (Pats coaches like his footwork, who doesn't?)

Most underrared-Ed Reed
Most Overrated-TJ Duckett

Possible TRADE: Vikings would trade Pick #7 and 2nd(or 3rd) Round pick to Raiders for Picks #21, #23 and a 5th round pick. In that situation the Vikes would draft Levi Jones and Ashley Lelie and the Raiders might grab Stallworth or ???... The whole draft would obviously change big time
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