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My 721 Won't Lock Channels

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I have a 721 connected to a DP44 with a seperator. I am getting a lost lock message for every channel I try to go to. After a few minutes, a few channels will engage but most will not. I did a hard reset, tried to unplug and restart after waiting several hours, each time doing a check switch. The switch shows up correctly and the signal strength shows up strong for each satellite. The guide locks on whatever the current time after the restart is and doesn't progress.

The question is: is it fixable? If not, how can I save the shows recorded on the PVR which is still accessible? I have the warranty program and I own the unit. Could I upgrade to an HD PVR if it cannot be fixed? Any help is appreciated.
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I unplugged the hard drive, following the directions I saw in another post. I got my tuners back but lost all of my recordings. Sad, but better then having to replace the unit. Thanks for the advice!
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