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rick11 said:
I really like the HR20 and frankly think it is really great. Initially I had it locking up about 3 times per week. I forced D* to send me a new card which seemed to fix the issue. Now i have had to reset only once in about 4 wks - was trying to record programs as they were running and then when i checked back it showed 0 minutes record. A reset fixed this.

My beef is how long it takes to change channels - it seems like 2 -3 sec which for a channel surfer like me is very frustrating. Basically I can't surf due to this delay. Will this ever go away so that changing stations is almost instantaneous????

I take it you've never had a DVR before? :)
Actually if it's only taking 2-3 seconds that is pretty fast for a DVR and it won't get a whole lot faster then that. If you had Native to On it might be more like 3-5 seconds. HDMI can incur a further delay. But if you only have 2-3 seconds that is pretty darn good.
Why the delay? Because a DVR needs to dump it's current buffer and then buffer up the new channel. It's always recording the current channel. So this take a couple seconds to do that.
Even a DirecTivo takes a couple seconds to change the channel.
A DVR's prime function is not for channel surfing but for recording. So if you are a huge channel surfer a DVR, any DVR, may not satisfy you. You might want to consider having both a DVR for recording and a non-DVR receiver for your channel surfing.
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