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rick11 said:
My beef is how long it takes to change channels - it seems like 2 -3 sec which for a channel surfer like me is very frustrating.
Two things have been report to slow down channel changes on the HR20.

Are you set to Native Mode OFF?

Have you tried changed from HDMI to Component Video?

But even with these settings, the HR20 is still darn slow in changing channels.

Some have speculated that the problem is not D*'s fault. Maybe it takes that long to change channels to change definitions from SD to HD or HD to SD.


If that were true, changing from one SD channel to another SD channel should be much faster. It really isn't.

If that were true, all HD tuners would suffer the same problem. Check out the HD TV's at Best Buy. Do any HD TV's take this long to tune from one channel to another, even SD to HD and back again? No.

Some have also speculated that the problem is in the slow animations for channel changes in the Guide.

Hmmmm (again).

Granted the Guide is a digital pig, sloshing around in the mud. But the Guide is only this painfully slow when looking through channels. On a channel change refresh the Guide is animating the screen by redrawing it 17 times. The Guide is much faster to move ahead or back in time because it is no longer animated. Somewhere out there is a project manager who just won't admit that animation was a mistake and take it off completely.

Even so, moving in the Guide does not change the channel. If you enter a new channel number or press PREV, there is no Guide to redraw but the HR20 still needs to go get a cup of coffee first.

So why is the HR20 so slow to change channels when other HD tuners are not this slow?

It's not that HD to SD has to take this long. It is not due to Guide Animation.

So what's left?

- Craig
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