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David MacLeod said:
I've been having intermittent tuner 2 issues with one of my hr20-100 units, so due to coax age and dish location I could not say for sure it was the actual unit. so I replaced all my coax and moved the dish, this was needed so it was not a waste, and then I was able to verify it was the unit and the issue always followed the unit.
so I call D* to let them know that a leased unit had a dying tuner with signals swinging from 20 to 100 rapidly. I explained all I had done to troubleshoot and the csr said no sense trying anything the unit will be replaced. I said if you send me an hr21 to replace my hr20 you must send me an am21 unit. the csr said not needed, we will replace the unit with exactly what you have now. I said you will guarantee me an hr 20? she said yes, we can do that. I knew that was wrong but at that point what could I do, I thanked her and waited for the new unit to arrive.
so 2 days later fedex drops off an hr21 of course. so I open the box and first thing I notice is something rattling around in it. I also found a small black button in a sealed bagthat did not go anywhere on the exterior. then I saw the protective plastic cover was installed backwards and the opening for vent holes were located on front and the actual vents were completely blocked.
so I call D* and tell them about the issues I found and said I need an am21 shipped out before I even plug this in. I also said I am not paying for it since I am not going to pay extra to keep the functionality I already have. the csr said I can't do that, so I said please send me to retention so I can get recovery kits sent to me to send all my units back.
well lo and behold retention could send me one for free, great. so when it arrives I plug everything in and remove the coverings over the vent holes. the hr21 ran 10 min then started rebooting. after 3rd time it would never get by first screen, would not allow a download, would not do anything except smell really hot.
so I call D* and am now given over to a case manager due to the problems I am having. so another hr21 is sent out, on the phone I said I need bbc's since during troubleshooting I have damaged 2 of them. case manager says no problem, we will send them with the hr21.
so the second hr21 arrives and I open the box to find an open bag with paperwork and no remote and no power cord for the dvr. luckily I had one that fit.
and of course there were no bbc's like I asked for. so I wire tied mine into position where they would work and waited for case manager to call back.
during this time I activated the unit, and it took a csr 40 min to get it done because it would not take the reset. it looks as if this was signed out to a tech, preactivated for a spanish speaking locale, then sent for refurb without being correctly deactivated according to csr. 45 min on phone getting it to allow me to use it.
while waiting I check account and the free am21 (bill reflected free at one time) suddenly shows me owing for it and tax for it too.
so case manager calls me to see if I am happy, I say not really the bbc's were not sent there was no power cord and the am21 was charged to me. I am not happy at all, I was denied free upgrades to hd like many got and paid for all the upgrade equipment myself. the least I could get from D* is a unit that is complete.
so she fixes the am21 bill, reorders the bbc's (arrived today) and apologizes for the time I had to spend on this. due to phone calls (from the start dealing with hr20), meeting fedex driver to pick up the deliveries, sending units back, etc. I missed 10 hours of work and lost out on almost $350 of fees.
and I get an apology.
so I am in charge of determining the contracts for our homeowners assc. on this road for D* or Dish when we vote next month. a local telecom is underwriting a massive incentive to this road to tie in dsl access with dish hd access. presently there are 6 households not on contract with anyone, guess who gets their business in November. and I won't apologize...
I have no idea why you felt the need to post this? Are you looking for help or just wanting to gripe? If anything - maybe a call to DirecTV to let them know this - but why here?

I'm guessing you'll get just as lousy of service with E* as you will with D*.

Good luck either way.
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