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my lost dvd player

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Hey, it's been a while since I posted...but folks here have helped me out from time to time, usually in posts that were already here, so I thought I would share this story with you.

I have been a D* subscriber for about 4 years...not really sure exactly how long, but it's been a few years. When I signed up they were running a promo for a free dvd player. Something happened when I subscribed, and I don't exactly remember why or how, but I ended up talking to two different customer service reps and somewhere along the way my free dvd player got lost in the shuffle between the two reps. So after not hearing anything about it for a while I ended up calling and kind of made a stink about it. In the end and after a few calls I was instructed to mail them the piece of paper with the promo on it and the best they were willing to do was to credit my account for X amount (their estimated cost of a dvd player I guess.) Now fast forward to yesterday...I received a package from UPS with a new dvd player in it from D*...and here is part of the letter that came along with it.

Your activation of D* programming qualified you for a gift. A review of our records indicates that you may not have received your gift. Enclosed you will find your dvd player.

To say the least I was floored...
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Maybe the LAWSUIT is over?
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