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Ever since DISH swapped or moved the new Echostar satellite at 110, I've been having trouble with receiving channels on transponder 3 at 110-- for example, the documentary channel, Lime, or the IMF music channel.

What is strange is that when tuning to either of the above mentioned channels on transponder 3 at 110, the screen is blank. Nothing tunes. However, after I am on the non-tuning channel and I then press the Guide button on the remote (of a vip211 receiver or my 942 DVR receiver), the channel (which is viewable in the upper right part of he screen now) will tune after about 7 seconds. I then press cancel on the remote and I can view the channel.

What is going on here? What is happening when I press the Guide button which allows the channel on transponder 3 to ultimately tune itself? Transponder 3, for the record, does not seem to lock or show any real signal strength-- but why does a channel on transponder 3 tune after Guide is pressed. Also, after the channel is tuned and I check the signal strength, it shows transponder 19 or 21. Is that where the Guide informaton is?

On another note, I just activated a vip622, and, unfortunately, the Guide method doesn't work at all with it, and so the channels on transponder 3 do not tune at all (eventhough the receiver is connected to the same switch and cables as the 942 was, and the vip211 in the other room via the same switch can still get those channels once I press Guide and wait 7 seconds).

My install is as follows: I live in an apartment, and am receiving my satellite signals with a flat satcom antenna (www.satcomweb.com) and a SW44 switch. I am receiving very strong signal strength on all other transponders, and never had an issue until DISH moved the new satellite at 110. (I am using a switch because I am also using a satcom antenna for 61.5-- the antennas have "twin outputs" which is the equivalent of 2 legacy LNBs-- but even when I avoid the switch and go directly in the receiver from 110, the issue is the same).

The cables seem fine, and my only thought is the need to possibly re-align because of the new satellite's positioning and it's affect on my flat antenna, or there is an internal problem with my antenna. But, what I don't understand is how or why these channels tune in (at least with the vip211 and the 942)
when I press Guide? This would contradict the alignment issue, wouldn't it? And, why doesn't the vip622 tune 110's transponder 3 channels with the Guide method, but the other receivers do?

Anyone have any idea what might be going on here, and what might be the possible solution?.....Thank you.
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