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Message Boards-- ugly sissy color (pink) and it shows your IP address so screw it.

Pop Ups-- they chase people away

My Story-- under construction.

Navigation: slow and sluggish, Often times I have to keep "hitting" the option until it is selected.

Survey-- You're not getting my e-mail address.

Life: nothing there under construction.

Links-- missing

Info--- not yet available

You got some work to do.

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We are all well and happy that you are making updates to your web site but you're posts are now becoming SPAM. I quote item "G" in the forum rules:

Thy shall not:

disseminate off-topic messages on boards promoting any product, service, web site, board or venture...

This is the "Computer Talk" forum, not the "Mark has made an update to his web site" forum. We allow promoting other web sites to a point but an entire thread filled with announcements each time you make an update is a bit much. I hope you understand.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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