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We are currently on year 15 of being a D* customer and we're really tired of the high prices, being held captive to paying for somebody else's sports programming, lack of flexibility. We have a Logitech Revue Google TV box connected to the D* 722 system which gives us some Internet-based content, mostly Netflix. Here are some ideas my wife wants and what I want.

Wife: wants to move away from any cable/satellite delivery of TV and just watch everything through Hulu Plus, Netflix, maybe whatever Google decides about YouTube, etc. Possibly use the Google TV STB or go with a new Roku, Boxee or WD Live TV.

I still want a DVR to record shows and not have to scrounge around and find them from networks, Hulu, etc. I still want access to USA Network, TBS, TNT, SciFi, HGTV, Food Network, Comedy Central, etc. as well as national and local broadcast channels for scheduling and recording to DVR. I also want access to HBO -- either full network or HBO Go for shows and movies. I really don't want a hit-and-miss TV viewing experience - I want the ease of access like a primary provider, but just not the high fees associated with service.

I've wanted to move to my own DVR using MythTV but have balked because of the encryption of HD content through Dish. We are considering just going with a basic cable with Cox (already Cox Internet HSI customers) with HD content delivery for local channels and basic cable.

Some question are:
1. Have any of the DBS folk been able to use personal DVR (e.g., MythTV) to record HD content through Cox Cable? If you have, does this record via coax coming into house directly into a PC tuner card(s) (i.e., Hauppauge, etc)? Or, do you have to use their STB and can you then have coax out from that go into PC tuner card(s) or via HDMI to input on PC?
2. Do you have to resort to using composite cable connection (RGB and audio) out from STB to a PC tuner card to get around the encrypted stream. That type of connection does have a resolution loss - down from the 1080i/p to 720p, right?
3. Do we need a cable card and one of their STB units? I really don't want to rent one of their DVR boxes and pay for that monthly service fee. I'd be OK buying our own box for a cable card (to authenticate our use) instead of paying another monthly service fee.

Thanks in advance for your feedback and thoughts about all of this.
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