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Naked News TV

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I occasionally prefer something other than the broadcast networks, CNN, Fox News, or MSNBC. Many cable systems carry Naked News TV on a Pay Per View basis which allows their subscribers to get news with a Canadian perspective.

Is this available from either DBS provider.
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You can watch it on the internet as well if you have a broadband connection.
Every so often I will stop in to the Nakednews.Com web site and take a look. It's really a lot of fun.
Yes but it is different programming and to some extent different presenters and reporters.
...and probably the highest make up and lowest clothing costs in broadcasting...
How do we get Melissa Stark in on this? She's sometimes guilty of wearing turtlenecks in 85 plus degree heat!
Playboy TV on the weekends now have a program thats call....Weekend Flash that is similar...
Naked News is filmed here in Toronto and airs on PPV here.
Understood Ontarian. It is on several US cable systems as well. But for whatever reason it is not on DBS. The TV show is not the same as the interneet feed it would be nice to have both.

But I guess we will have to live without it.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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