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NASCAR Hot Pass Channel Changes Start TODAY

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Just a reminder that starting with today's race, NASCAR Hot Pass has moved the SD drivers channels. Channel 794 is now the SD Network feed with the driver audio selections while Channel 799 remains the HD Network feed with driver audio selections. SD and HD featured Driver channels will be carried on Channels 795, 796, 797 and 798 the same as all other MPEG 4 HD channels.
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dogs31 said:
So is it going to be like this 795 (795-1), 796 (796-1) 797 (797-1) 798 (798-1) or will we see letterbox format for HD?
I believe if you have an HD receiver then it will automatically tune to the HD version of the channel and if you have "do not show SD" selected in your menu options you will not even see the SD channel.
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