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Nascar On NBC

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Do any of you have any comments about how NBC did their first race? I didn't watch it because I don't watch California or Chicago because I don't like those tracks. Sometimes Michigan too. Michigan was good because of a late caution flag. If anybody watched California as their first race they'd probably think boring baseball was exciting and never watch Nascar again. I'd rather watch baseball than the California race.

I did peek at the NBC race and the graphics on top are hard for my eyes to follow because the positions are spread too far apart.
What do you thing about the top position graphics?
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NBC's coverage of Nascar is brutal. I like Benny Parson but those other two suck. They supposedly took alot of producers and cameramen from ESPN's coverage of Nascar, but it appears to me that high schoolers run that stuff. I wish FOX had the whole year.

Ditto, but the NFL gets in the way of that.
I've lost a lot o interest in NASCAR over the past year, partly due to the coverage and it just not as fun for me anymore, as it used to be years ago
The difference between Fox and NBC's coverage of Nascar is like night and day! I thought NBC would have learned a litle from Fox.
You would think that they could find a better ex driver than Wally Dallenbach. I would rather see Ned Jarrett than that clown.

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