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"I WANT MORE" said:
Why is the Nascar Sprint Cup race on an alternate channel on Saturday night? High School Football is on the Uno.
Have they done this before? :confused:
The race is on abc. They must be opening up espn alternate for folks in hurricane area or some other reason.

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The race Sat night is to be aired on ABC. In some markets, 6 I believe, ABC has a prior commitment to air NFL preseason games. So arrangements are being made to air it alternatively in those areas on the -1 or on locals sub-channels.

Bristol TV coverage affected in some markets:
NASCAR fans in six affected markets will be able to watch ABC's telecast of Saturday night's NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Bristol Motor Speedway on alternate channels through arrangements made by the local ABC affiliates. The ABC affiliates in the six markets will be airing NFL preseason games Saturday night rather than the NASCAR race but with the alternate channels in each market, the race telecast will still be available nationwide. ABC's coverage begins with NASCAR Countdown at 7:00pm/et.
In four of the affected markets, the race telecast will air on ESPN, including Buffalo, Tulsa, Weslaco, Tex., and Quincy, Ill.
In Detroit, ABC affiliate WXYZ-TV will move the race telecast to its digital tier 2 channel and then join the race in progress when the Detroit Lions preseason game ends.
In Rochester, N.Y., ABC affiliate WHAM-TV will move the race telecast to its digital tier 2 channel.
ABC affiliates in Little Rock, Ark., Corpus Christi, Tex., and Omaha, Neb., will pre-empt NASCAR Countdown at 7:00pm/et for local news but will join the ABC telecast at 7:30pm/et. The race's green flag is scheduled for 7:43 pm/et.(ESPN)(8-22-2012)
From Jayski (about 1/2 way down): http://www.jayski.com/cupnews.htm
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