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NBA: Alonzo Mourning likely out for the season

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Alonzo Mourning out indefinitely probably the season according to Sports Center. Said his kidney is deteriorating. This is horrible...:(


Even after returning to the court to play last season, it was very evident that his kidney ailment had affected him to the point where he was not the same dominating force he had been. If his kidney has gotten worse, well, I'm no doctor, but I would speculate that his game will be negatively effected even more now.

The man is a warrior and if he wants to play and the Heat (or another team) would accept his services more power to him, but I would like for him to retire.
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If he can't be used as a player, he'd be great as an assistant coach somewhere at the college or NBA level working with centers and forwards (these positions seem to get weaker every year). The guy flat-out knows the game. I feel bad that we probably won't get to see him play again.
Good point karl !!

Assuming that Mourning retires after his latest kidney battle, do you think he deserves to be in the Hall? Personally, I do. He was a dominant center for some 8 years. Thoughts?
I don't know if he is hall-worthy yet, but he was well on his way. Without a ring, or even a conference championship in his credits, it is hard to nominate him after eight years IMHO.

Off topic, but I saw on Fox Sports last night that Hakeem did not pass his physical to play for Toronto this year. He is a legend. He was Utah's nemesis for many years. I was glad to see him leave the Midwest Division and go to the Central Division - too bad it wasn't about eight years ago! Helluva player with a helluva a hook shot.
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