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NBA approves use of instant replay for last-second shots

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I like the idea for last second shots, but the foul thing puzzles me. If a phantom foul is called, why can't they over turn the call? Is it ego?

Think about this scenario: End of the game, a team down by 2 or 3 it doesnt matter. The shot goes in, they review it and it's before the clock expires, and of the variety that would tie the game and the team is awarded the basket. Good right? But wait, the player was clearly hacked on the arm and there was no foul called when the shot went off! The ref: "Sorry, can't call it (see last paragraph), the only fouls reviewed will be those that were "actually" called to see if they occurred before the clock expired. I cant review to see if the call (or noncall as the case maybe) was incorrect." Instead of one FT for the win, we're going to overtime.

Will the dissatisfaction still continue?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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