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With the draft approching, I thought about all the busts there were gonna be and the superstars that will come from it and now I ask: Who is the biggest bust ever? From what I've seen, I'd say Christian Laettner, the guy is horrible. Wasn't he part of all the heroics stuff for Duke and wasn't he also on the 92 Dream Team? Bust.

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Sam Bowie, drafted second overall (after Olajuwon). Third pick: some guy named Jordan.

Dishonorable mentions:
Shawn Bradley
Pervis Ellison
Joe Barry Carroll
Danny Ferry
Ralph Sampson
Frederic Weis (I'm a Knicks fan--couldn't resist)

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Worst player I ever saw (there's no doubt about it) was Granville Waiters with the Bulls. He played in Chicago in the mid-80's when I was in high school. He would just sit there on the bench and maybe play 2 minutes. When he played, he was awful. I don't know what team drafted him, but he is/was the worst I ever saw.
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