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NBA to Tip a 25-Cent Digital Service

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Unable to get operators to pay 50 cents for its analog All Sports Network, the National Basketball Association is now pitching a 25-cent digital NBA channel that would offer up to 98 live games.

The NBA is planning to morph its current NBA TV barker channel into a full-fledged digital service - complete with interactive, electronic-commerce and high-definition capabilities - as well as the live telecasts, NBA Commissioner David Stern said last week.

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I can't believe that Dish wouldn't be able to work out a deal now that it's that cheap. If they have to, I think they could safely increease the price of the sports pack by a buck or two since DirecTV considers it a premium at $12 a month.
This type of channel (Raptor TV) was added to our digital line-up last September in Canada. As a $1.99CDN a month pick n' pay, I'm sure basketball starved Canadians found it to be a bargain.

Most of the live games featured the Raptors with live "look-ins" updates and real time game scores similar to your NBA channel. Now if we could only get TNT up here............
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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