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NBA TV HD Timer question

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Not sure if this issue has been addressed before or not. I have the top 250 HDw/Sports Pack and NBA League Pass. I want to program my 622 to record the Dallas/Golden State summer league game tonight on 560 (NBATV HD). The guide shows this game on 402 (NBATV SD) from 7p-9 (PST), but only shows an WNBA game on 560 with a time from 4:40-8:30 (game time is really more like 5-7, which is what 402 shows). The rest of the guide on 560 just shows "NBA League Pass" like it always does when there is no game on, which is another annoying issue since I can view 560 year round, but have to look to 402 to see what is on... Anyway, I tried to set a manual timer for 560, but it doesnt show up when i try to bring it up. I tried to set the DVR for the WNBA game from 4:30-8:30 and then adjust the time, but it would not let me edit the time (It's like the event is set up like a PPV event.). My Question is: Is there any other way to set this timer, or am I out of luck and stuck watching the SD version on DVR?


Thank you in advance.....
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