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woj027 said:
So let me get this straight. I don't have NBA-LP or the Sports Pack so I dont' get NBATV in HD, but I do in SD? so I have to go in and channel line up and change my NBA HD channel to NBA SD?

Why would they give you a channel in SD and not HD when you have the HD package? Are they going to start doing this for other channels even if you have the HD pack?

Is my bill going to be
Choice Plus HD/DVR $62.99
HD Extra Pack $4.99
HD Extra Sports Extra Pack (Get HD sports channels of the ones you get in SD) $4.99
HD Extra Extra Extra Pack (Get the really cool channels in HD) $4.99
It's basically the same thing they're doing for baseball. If you have the RSN package and HD access you can watch the channels UNTIL a baseball game comes on. Then you can only watch the HD version if you have MLBEI and SuperFan.
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