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Yep! Watched it on WNBC. Taped it for someone at work. Pretty good show especially with all of the cast members appearing on stage from some of NBC's good shows.

Nancy McKeon was never in The Facts of Life until the 80's, but they linked that clip with the 70's since that show started at that time.

Sid C's bit at the end was confusing. It must of been something he did on his live show in the 50's???????

I was hoping Johnny was going to make an appearance, but they only showed Ed. I was bummed about that.

The anniversary show could of gone on forever. I wouldn't mind seeing some of those shows on a NBC channel. Classic NBC channel. That's not a bad idea. Some of those old quiz shows would be fun to watch especially 21 (Quiz Show movie was on locally here last night) and Dough Re Mi. I never heard of that one.

Great show...from Bob Hope clips to my favorite Jack Benny on the radio. Jack knows the serial numbers of the $2 bills in his wallet cuz he never spends the money. That was great :)

Lots to comment on, but my favorite network did a great job with the show. Nice to see the Family Ties people again. Mr T...what can I say about him. :) I pity everyone. That bit was great. Great show. I look forward to the Cosby reunion in 2 weeks and I even may catch the Honeymooners show tomorrow night at 7 if baseball doesn't interfere.

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I heard on the local news that Johnny declined the invitation, saying he's retired from television and wants to keep it that way. Still, I think he should have made an exception for this special, as many others did.

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I thought the best was when Bob Newhart kept asking questions - until they pointed out that his shows were on CBS.

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I hope that they release last nights show on DVD, it was a keeper.

I was saddened to see that Johnny did not show up. Ed McMahon is not looking to good.

I laughed I cried and I had lots of memories brought back last night from that show.

I hope I will be able to see it again.
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