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NBC VOD gone?

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I went in to watch an episode of "30 Rock" I had downloaded yesterday, and noticed it was gone. When I went in to the On Demand menu to search by channel, I didn't see NBC available anymore.

Is NBC VOD gone? Will it come back? Anyone know?
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If it does come back, I hope it comes back for free. Why on earth would I pay for a show when I get it for free anyway? Makes no sense.
As long as its ppv they can leave it gone.
I know that on their public web site they've removed a lot of shows and started them 'on rotation'. They say it's anticipation of the new season starting in about six weeks.

I wouldn't be surprised if they did the same with VOD.
{Perhaps they are just getting ready for all the VOD they are going to have for the Olympics????:) :) :)
The DOD Provider Pages occasionally go down for a while due to either some UI updates to it, or major content changes. Or sometimes it might just be some other tweaks I think.
I'm gonna go with the major content change as everything they had expired now.
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