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Just a sanity check for me ---

I am a D* subscriber with the HR20 HD DVR.

Did anyone else watch Sunday Night Football last night from the Los Angeles Area? I watched on the MPEG4 feed and had no fewer than ten complete picture and sound dropouts. This is rare for me, generally there are no dropouts. There have been incidents, but I've noticed when I've had problems with dropouts that I can often switch to the OTA feed (direct into the TV from the roof aerial) and see the same problems happening.

Because I had people over to watch the game, I didn't go through my normal procedure of checking OTA, checking MPEG2, etc. I'm just curious if anyone else noticed a lot of dropouts. What sort of hardware were you using and whose service (D*, E*, cable, OTA) were you receiving?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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