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nbc6 - wtvj - Miami - stutters since move ?

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Ever since they moved the Miami area to 99 degrees I have noticed that Nbc6 (wtvj) hi def channel sometimes stutters - all the other channels are completely fine. My signal readings are in the 90's ... Anyone else notice any problems with this channel ?
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I'm not sure if you are speaking of audio stutter but take a look at this thread: http://www.dbstalk.com/showthread.php?t=141388
I did notice the"stutter"on my recordings of "Chuck" and"Heroes"; also,NBC6 left the "blue curtains" up during the last 10mins Chuck, so it could be an issue on their end.
Since Thursday 2nd Oct I have noticed that all the Miami Networks Ch. 4/6/10 have been cutting out with the slightest bit of rain. I have been looking at the signals on 99(S) and they have dropped between last week Saturday (The previous time I checked) and Thursday. Have they dialed down the transponders on 99 or have they moved the channels to different satellite? Admittedly my dish is a bit blocked by my neighbor’s house but every other transponder works perfectly and has had no signal change except 99(S) which is now 20 points lower overall!
I'm in Coral Springs , every local channel is fine EXCEPT Nbc 6 - WTVJ. It comes in and out. My signals on 99s are fine. I wonder if being in North Broward I am on the fringe of the spotbeam for that channel.

My signals for 99s are :

transponder 15: 91
21: 90
22: 92
23: 89
All other transponders are zero.

I asked another neighbor to check his and all his locals are buggy even if there is no rain or clouds. I think North Broward might be on the edge of the spotbeam .. they need to move it or give us West Palm Beaches spotbeam channels I guess.... but for me its only channel 6. 4,7, & 10 are fine. My other receiver is on a completely different Slimeline and behaves the exact same way so I cant see it being some alignment issue since its readings are even better than the ones posted.

Any other North Broward users having local channels (HD) issues ?

Every channel is fine except this channel. Before the change over all was well.
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