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Nearby lightning strike - now problems

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Our family lake home took a nearby lightning strike. The strike took out all electronics plugged into a 1985 power strip: A router, cable modem, an old Sony B65 DirecTV receiver. We immediately replaced all the electronics (and we have an adequate surge suppressor now) but the Directv channels came on at first but soon, channels started disappearing. Finally they were all gone (ext. 721). Resetting the receiver only yielded "searching for signal". The lake home is two hours away. Trying to solve this from home over the phone with my elderly parents (who are testing the components for me) is a challenge to say the least. I figured I would replace the final two things that it could be; the old dual LNB on the dish and the multi switch. I drove up to the lake home and plugged in the multiswitch and everything started working immediately. I did not replace the dual LNB thinking it was not necessary. It worked for 9 days without a hitch. The lake home was vacant for 5 days and when my parents returned, nothing. A reset again brings searching for signal. I'm looking for suggestions. My parents are planning on having cable turned back on (I fricking hate cable!). DirecTV was working there flawlessly for a year and half before the strike.
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As you now know only too well, lightning and electronics produce very unusual results. Looks like all that is left is the LNB, your post left me with the impression you have a spare, I would try it. When you go back up there take a receiver from home, just in case, anyone you have will work with the round dish. Good luck.
100% agree about the "unusual results" and replacing the LNB. I took a strike to a 40' Royal palm tree 15' from my house (which is covered with lightning rods). A lot of things were toast, including the tree, but there were some wounded survivors: a router with 1 bad port and a Panasonic 5.8 gHz walk-around phone. The phone "recovered" mysteriously after 6 months of continued usage. It's symptom was that after the strike, it would occasionally give out a slight, jingly ring tone, a whimper really. Like "Ow!, that really hurt!" :)
Replace the LNB, or anything else, to avoid cable. :)
Thanks guys. I did buy a brand new dual LNB at the same time as the multiswitch and chose not to install it. Hey, who would to climb a ladder for fun if you think you don't have to, right? Anyway, the LNB is sitting nice and pristine on a shelf at the summer home. I'll be installing it next time I'm up there. I've got my fingers crossed. There's nothing worse than getting a phone call from my frustrated parents saying, "it doesn't work AGAIN!". I'll try to talk some sense into them about cable. The picture sucks and there are no menus. :nono:
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