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Need a little help/clarification in updating recievers!

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Hey all, I know this has probably been covered a million times on a site like this but I have done a little looking and haven't had my questions answered. With the two year old getting restless I decided to go ahead and post my question! :)

I have a HR24 DVR and a single tuner HR24 in my bedroom. I want to upgrade to the HR34. From the dish I have one line running to a SWM Splitter 4 (MSPLT4r0-01 pic included). From that three lines go into the house. (I think one runs to an unused line in other bedroom) In the living room with the dvr I have a swm power inserter and a deca (power inserter pic included).

EDIT: I also forgot to mention that my Sat "head" I guess you would call it is a SL3S4NR2-02

Currently I have 3 tuners working and hr34 will put me at 6 of course as I'm just going to replace the dvr.

What do I need and what do I have to change (if anything, I'm sure there is cause there always is ;) ) for the HR34 to work.

I'm a pretty good handyman and can handle my own around electronics and wiring so I just decided to do any upgrading that needed to be done myself. HR34 will come from solidsignal. I just need to know what else to obtain.

I really appreciate any help and sorry if I'm asking stupid questions, total newb alert.

Also before I forget, when the install is done I just call DTV and ask to activate a new reciever correct?


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First, you do not need to do anything. The SWM system you have will support 8 tuners. Just connect the HR34 in place of either current unit, or on the third unused line.

Personally, since it costs $6 for either a DVR or a receiver, I would keep the DVR, and the HR34, and send back the receiver, unless the ability to schedule recordings from the second room is an absolute necessity. Since you are paying for it anyway, no reason not to have two tuners and a DVR, instead of one tuner and no trick play.

Cheers, and welcome to DBSTalk.
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