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I am thinking about just buying the 5-LNB dish and installing myself. After reading the posts here Im not sure I want Ironwood installing it anyway (Broomfield, co). I have never had an installer do it in the past anyway. I need to replace my 3 LNB dish (mulitswitch built in). Is the mutiswitch built in to the 5-LNB? If I only need 4 connections do I need an external switch?

I looked on newegg :

It's says the mutiswitch is built in, but the reason I am asking is because I saw this:

Here is the description:
Zinwell WB68 Wide Band 6x8 Multi-Switch
Required for the DirecTV H20 HD Receiver with MPEG4
Specifically Designed for the DirecTV AT9 KaKu 5 LNB HDTV Dish
Reads Satellites Ka 99-103 and Ku 101 110 & 119
Interface with new DIRECTV satellites such as 95 W and 72.5W!
DirecTV Approved!

It says it is needed for the H20. Is this only if you need more than 4 connections?


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note that if you even suspect that at some point in the future, you might have more than 4 tuners, it is a good idea to have them install the multiswitch along with the AT9- it's free, after all, and re-running cabling to add a multiswitch later is a totally avoidable headache.
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