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Need advice on an oldie...

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Hello all,

I need some advice. Don't laugh too hard, but I still have a Philips DSR704 in service on my account. As you can see in my sig, I have SWM and the Tivo is plugged into 2 of the legacy ports of my SWM16. It's been this way since my Whole Home DVR upgrade at the end of February. It has been working flawlessly until today...I notice that ONLY 3 of my local channels are not working. 2 of them still appear in the guide, along with channel info when you tune to it...but picture is black. The third channel is totally gone..from the guide and everything. I've tried switching to another set of legacy ports, multiple resets, multiple guided set ups, even re-authorizing the receiver through the DTV website..nothing. Something else, every other reset or guided setup, the Tivo says it can't read a signal on SAT 2. If I reset again, sometimes it goes away. I've never heard of a tuner dropping this amount of channels without dropping others from the same transponder/sat...Are my tuners in the Tivo going bad?
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Thank you very much! I would have never guessed that it's a wide spread problem. As you can see below...my Tivo IS hacked and running the 6.2 software..guess I'm screwed...
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