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Need advice on video cards

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I was planning to buy new video card and don't know what to get. I'm willing to spend about $65 with shipping. The only thing I found in that price range where 2 video cards. ATI Radeon 7500 64DDR and NVidia GeForce2 Ti 64DDR. Can someone tell me which card should I buy?
I'm confused:confused: :shrug:

Thanks in advance.
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What are your needs? Will you be playing games, what type of games? Any description of what you will be doing that is related to Visual things on your PC.

I don't play alot of games, but I do watch streaming video and DVD on the PC and my NVidia GeForce2 Ti 64DDR does a nice job. I played some flight sim games (downloaded demos for new games) and they played great video wise.
watching dvds and playing war games like delta force
I've never been a fan of ATI drivers, but it seems like they have fixed most of the issues with them since the Radeon 7500 and 8500. I still prefer Nvidia, but you can't go wrong with either...
I already ordered. Wish me luck.
Finlay finished building my new system(had problems with processor, had to exchange). Video card works great!!!

Tip: If you ever go to frys electronics and decide to buy processor, CHECK if it's new or used! They can be used, scratched, or broken. Check!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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