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Need advice - receiver problem?

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Hey guys, I had my AT9 dish installed last friday and at the time the installer said that the LNB had a problem and he would come back to replace it.

He said the problem would only affect my signals in that they would be a little lower than normal. But later when I tried a HD local channel I found the colors to be almost inverted. This is consistant and on every single HD local channel.

I do have the non-powered multi swich and less than 100' cable run. All my other receivers work fine, as they did with the old dish.

D* tech support believed that it was caused by the bad lnb but the installer came out today and replaced it and the local HD channels still have the color problem.

I tried a receiver reset and it did not help. I tried with and without the conversion boxes with no luck.

I tried both component and HDMI connections with no luck. I tried different output settings (i.e. 720p, 1080i) - no luck.

Could this still be a dish/lnb problem? Is there any type of special configuration on the dish that could affect only the local HD channels?

Everything else looks fine including the non-local HD HBOHD, SHOHD...etc).
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No, the LNB is just a low noise blocker. It just gets the signal. The Box decodes the
signal you get. SOOOO I would go with the bad decoder.
ALso, turn the flash down and see if you can get the camera a little more sturdy..

The blue lights coming off the DVR are blurry.
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