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First time poster. Great forum you folks have here. I just purchased a travel trailer and need some ideas for TV.

We have two TVs in the camper. I would like to be able to watch some of our programs stored on our dvr. We currently have two hr24 receivers connected on a whole home network.

Is there anyway to add an external hard drive to our main house dvr and copy the dvr programs then connect the hard drive to another receiver in the camper to use?

I've read some about the nomad setup but a lot of people are complaining about picture quality and I've got a 32 and 24 inch HD TVs in the camper. Plus I've read of no way to skip commercials on the transferred programs.

Thoughts and suggestions please?

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We just take our stick home bedroom HR24 along with us when we take a trip in our motor home. It's OK to do that. You don't have to worry about recording programs, etc. I also learned how to aim a Slimline dish so we can watch current program while we are on the road. That works for us.
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