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Need Help Installing 2nd Receiver

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I want to install a 2nd receiver, but I am not sure how to exactly go about it. My set up is very basic and I would think I could splt the Sat cable to go to the new receiver but maybe it's not that easy.

This is my current setup.

Dish 1000.2 (3 LNB)
1 Diplexer

One line going from the dish to a diplexer (sat), one from diplexer (in/out) to VIP722 and one line going to a 2nd room from the diplexer (vhf/uhf)

I want to add a 301 or 311. So what exactly do I need to do this?

Thanks in advance!
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The best and probably cheapest suggestion is call 1-800-333-3474 and have DISH install everything.

You cannot split satellite signals it is not cable. You need to run a cable from the satellite dish to the new receiver location.
The LNB on the 1000.2 dish has 3 outputs and 1 wing-dish input. It can support 3 single- or dual-tuner. You simply need to run a cable from one of the two free outputs on the LNB to where you want the receiver. Plug in the receiver, and call to activate.

The only hard part might be getting the LNB off the dish without moving the dish. Depending on how it is installed, it may be difficult to get to the LNB without loosening the dish, which would require repointing.
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