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I installed HR20-700 3 weeks ago with existing 3 LNB dish (and no multi-switch). No problems with receiver whatsoever!

DTV came and installed AT9 three days ago. Since then, I have had intermittent issues with pixelization on ESPNHD and the Chicago HD locals. I have checked signal strength via the Setup/System Info & Test/System Test tab and have had signal strength from 93 to 99 and still have had pixelization issues. This is intermittent, however. When the pixelization occurs, it takes 10 - 15 seconds to switch to another local HD channel - sometimes I only get a gray screen.

I called DTV and they suggest resetting box - this does nothing. They felt that it was a connector problem - but the signal strength is strong and I have no issues on SD channels. DTV can't get someone here until Dec 9 (my A-List status!).

I received latest 0xFA the night after the dish was installed so it makes it more difficult to know if it is a software or dish problem.

Can anyone comment on the cause of problem? LNB issues?

Thanks in advance
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